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Sermons  2019 

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Almost Converted
The Prayer Of The Righteous
What Isaiah Discovered
Problem, Petition, Praise

Gleaning In God's Field
The Day Of The Lord
There Is No Other
Neglecting So Great A Salvation
Going Where You Are Called
Enquiring, Explaining, Experiencing
Of Such Is The Kingdom Of Heaven
A Chance Encounter?
The Woman And The Pharisee
Walk Worthy
Where Is Your Protection?
Christ Our Mercy Seat
The Mirror of Jonah 4
Jesus Predicts His Death
O Jerusalem, Jerusalem
The Cross of Christ
Contrasting Meetings
This Jesus Is The Christ
Philosophy Vs Reality
Neither Hot Nor Cold
Your Heart Defines You
The High Priestly Prayer
Covenant Signs
I Am Praying For Them
Abraham - Faith Riddled with Flaws
Continue In Prayer
Unite My Heart
A Finished Work
A Fence With A Gate
The Refiner's Fire
Our Strength Or God's Strength
A Sun And Shield
All These Things Against Me
The Agony of Gethsemane
Fearful, Faithless, Fixed
Access By Faith
Gethsemane & The Gospel
Read, Listen, & Apply The Word
The Physicality and Isolation of Golgotha
Audio File Not Working
Cherished Sin and Loving Discipline
An Awesome God
Christ The Mediator
No Other Name
David's, Christ's, and Our Experience
Jesus Weeps Over Jerusalem
An Inward Seal

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Mr Ian Alistair MacDonald, Greyfriars FC, Inverness
Mr Ian Alistair MacDonald, Greyfriars FC, Inverness
Rev Dr Malcolm MacLean, Greyfriars FC, Inverness
Mr William MacKenzie, Elder, APC, Inverness
Rev Norman MacIver (Ret'd), Inshes CofS, Inverness
Mr Willie MacKenzie, Alness
Mr Angus MacKay, Strathpeffer
Rev James Simms
Rev A. I. MacDonald (Ret'd) Inverness
Rev A. I. MacDonald (Ret'd) Inverness
Dr. Hugh Ferrier, Kilter
Rev Alasdair MacAulay, Tain Free Church
Rev Donald Morrison (Ret'd)
Rev Calum Smith (North Uist)
Rev Calum Smith (North Uist)
Mr George MacLean, Smithton
Mr Chisolm Urquhart
Mr Willie MacKenzie
Rev Douglas MacKeddie
Mr Duncan Gordon
Dr Hugh Ferrier
Rev A.I. MacDonald
Rev A. I. MacDonald
Mr Gordon Bell
Mr Angus MacKay
Rev William Paterson
Rev Farquhar Renwick
Rev John Tallach
Rev Farquhar Renwick
Rev James Simms
Rev Andrew Coghill (Scalpay Free Church)
Rev Andrew Coghill (Scalpay Free Church)
Rev Andrew Coghill (Scalpay Free Church)
Rev Andrew Coghill (Scalpay Free Church)
Rev Andrew Coghill (Scalpay Free Church)
Rev Farquhar Renwick
Rev Norman MacIver
Rev Farquhar Renwick
Mr Willie MacKenzie
Rev Farquhar Renwick
Mr Angus MacKay
Rev Farquhar Renwick
Mr David Forbes
Rev Farquhar Renwick
Mr Kenneth Macleod
Mr Jason Ross
Mr George Maclean
Rev Farquhar Renwick
Mr Gordon Bell
Rev Douglas MacKeddie
Rev Farquhar Renwick
Rev Norman MacIver




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