As a presbyterian church, we are governed by elders, elected by the members of the congregation. They have the spiritual and pastoral oversight of the church, and sit on the Kirk Session. Our minister has a special role as a teaching elder.


In addition to elders, we also elect deacons. They are responsible for the financial affairs and well-being of the congregation. Together with the elders, they form the Deacons' Court.



Our Minister is...

Rev. Farquhar Renwick, Free Church Manse, Croft na Creich, North Kessock,  IV1 3ZE - Phone: 01463 731659


Our Elders are... 

Tommy Cook 

Hector Grigor 

John MacDonald

Ian Maclennan, (Church Officer and Precentor)

David MacRae (Session Clerk)
Ricky MacRae (Clerk to the Deacons' Court & PVG Co-ordinator)

Our Deacons are... 

Norman MacLeod (Treasurer)

Angus Renwick (Precentor)

Ferry Brae, North Kessock      Scottish Charity No. SC 004591